Perfect Vegan L.A. Fast Food Replica Chili Burger

To really nail these burgers, the chili is absolutely key– and luckily, pretty simple and easy to make. Unlike a lot of my recipes, the key here really is in the simplicity, because besides the protein base, it is mostly onion, tomato paste and chili powder. And, hey, that ain’t me– that’s good ol’ American fast food.

I used a Pure Farmland Protein Starter as the protein base; and while I very rarely use pre-made plant proteins, I think that in order to really make a replica recipe like this one, the plant-based “ground beef” is key to making an experience that is just like the one you’ve been craving– and it’s all about the craving satisfaction with this recipe, so I really do recommend gettin’ yourself a Pure Farmland Protein Starter!*

*The chili shown here is using the Pure Farmland brand, and it turned out immaculate, but if your grocer doesn’t have it, I also recommend Beyond Meat Beyond Beef or Lightlife Plant-Based Ground, which can be a little more common.

This recipe is super minimal and basic, doesn’t require anything tricky or special, and doesn’t even take too long to make, so if it’s been too long since your last real fast food burger experience, get ready to totally indulge– guilt free. ✌🏻

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