Southwest American-Style Vegan Enchilada Pie

I’ve got the recipe right on the next page for ya, and it includes an ordered list of what to layer to make this pie perfectly! So, here’s some hopefully-helpful photos of what the layers can look like! Imagine it’s just like a lasagna, but a little thicker.

This is what the base of your pie should look like– a pie pan that has been coated with Enchilada Sauce and Olive Oil, with one baked tortilla over it. Everything else just gets built on top! This picture also shows pretty well the way that you can tuck your tortillas into the pan by pushing down on the edges slightly.

Example of thickness of layers between tortillas, before adding enchilada sauce.

This is about how much enchilada sauce I added for each called-for layer of enchilada sauce. Please use more or less, as you’d like! Just don’t soak it!

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