Vegan Buffalo Cheddar Biscuit Bomb

Is it possible that this is the best vegan junk food in the world? Yes, it’s totally possible. After recently realizing that Pillsbury Grands! are totally plant-based, I have been seriously craving a buffalo cheddar biscuit bomb– something that before I thought would take hours to make, now made totally simple!

The key to the success of this recipe is mostly in how you roast and prepare the cauliflower that will serve as your much-friendlier meat replacement! For me, I love to create flavor-illusion by replicating the texture and process that the ingredient I am imitating really goes through.

For this cauliflower, the first step is to make sure the texture is spot on by hand-shredding your cauliflower!

Peeling smaller pieces off of the cauliflower by-hand, as opposed to chopping them off, creates a very shredded texture that is perfect for replicating the texture that would be expected in a meat-eater’s typical handheld food.

Equally important as the texture is the process!

When I worked at a pizza place long ago, I remember that the wings would always come pre-baked and seasoned, and we would add whichever sauce to each order, as needed, or serve them plain. So, for my cauliflower replica, I always like to create a completed base, and then add all the sauce and everything after roasting, ’cause it gives it that authentic quick-service hot wing sensation that I won’t even pretend not to love!

Roasting your cauliflower first with typical wing seasonings; such as Garlic Powder and Black Pepper; and then coating them with Buffalo Sauce, Chili Powder, and other bold flavors after the initial roasting process really does make the difference!

Also, I love to add Sesame Seeds to my buffalo cauliflower because it adds a crunch that literally perfects the texture.

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