Vegan African-Inspired Peanut Soup

Vegan African-Inspired Peanut Soup

Prep for 30 minutes

Cook for 30 minutes

Ready in 30 minutes

Serves 2 people (double recipe for “family size”)

It’s Vegan! ✌🏻



  • Sweet Potatoes (2)
  • Yellow Onion (1)
  • Lime (1)
  • Spinach, fresh


  • White or Brown Rice
  • Tomato Paste (½ can)
  • Coconut Milk, full fat (1 can)
  • Crunchy Peanut Butter 
  • Better than Bouillon, Vegetable or No-Chicken


  • Garlic, fresh
  • Ginger, fresh (optional)
  • Peanut or Vegetable Oil
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper


  1. First, put your rice on to cook, using your preferred method. I used an Instant Pot, and cooked one (1) cup of rice at a 1:1 ratio with water.
  2. The rest is all in one pot, so grab your largest soup pot, and place on medium-low heat!
  3. Put a fair amount of oil, either peanut oil or vegetable oil, into your pot and allow it to slowly heat up.
  4. Quickly rough chop your sweet potatoes into about ½” cubes, and throw ‘em in and stir!
  5. Add a bit more oil over the tops of your sweet potatoes, stir thoroughly, and cover your pot.
  6. Mince about four (4) cloves of fresh garlic (and ginger, if you’d like!) and put them into the pot. Stir thoroughly and cover again.
  7. Rough chop one (1) yellow onion, and add that into the pot, too! Of course, again, stir thoroughly and cover!
  8. Now, quarter one (1) whole lime, and squeeze each one by-hand over your ingredients, and stir each time, evenly incorporating the lime juice with your ingredients.
  9. Add a few dashes of salt, stir, and turn the heat to medium. Cover it up!
  10. You want the pot to sit on medium heat for just a few minutes, so take this time to get the remaining ingredients ready, such as opening up your tomato paste and canned coconut milk. You’re almost there!
  11. Take the lid off of your pot, give your veggies a stir,  and turn the heat down to low. 
  12. Add three (3) tablespoons of tomato paste, and incorporate completely.
  13. Measure out one (1) cup of crunchy peanut butter, and put that into your pot. Stir constantly until the peanut butter is melted fully. 
  14. It’s about time to add water, and I find it helpful to add boiling water, so put on a tea kettle now to have about three cups of hot water ready soon!
  15. Pour half (½) a can of full fat coconut milk into the pot, and continue stirring.
  16. If the water in your tea kettle is boiling or near-boil,  slowly stir the ingredients in your pot while pouring in about 3 cups of water from your kettle.
  17. Now, add three (3) tablespoons of Better than Bouillon, either Vegetable flavor or better yet, No-Chicken, if that’s available near you. Stir!
  18. Toss in three (3) – or more – teaspoons  of Sriracha, some salt & pepper, and add one or two handfuls of Spinach. 
  19. Now, just heat up when ready, and serve over the cooked rice!
  20. Enjoy! 

Thanks for reading!

~ Jessica G.

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