Vegan Mac & Cheese Balls

Yes, that is plant-based.

Yes, you remember right that I said it tastes just like nacho cheese.

Yes, you also remember right that I said it only takes half-an-hour.

I have been pretty much obsessed with this cheese sauce ever since the first time I made it; I literally think it’s the best vegan cheese in the world, and I use this sauce in most recipes that call for a plant-based cheddar sauce. It’s delicious, cheesy, thick, easy to make and it’s made almost entirely of potatoes and carrots.

Most people that have been eating plant-based for a long time know about Nutritional Yeast, and it’s uncanny flavor-resemblance to cheddar cheese. It may seem weird if you’re new to the scene, or only cook plant-based once-in-a-while, but believe me when I say that Nutritional Yeast is key to making any vegan recipe taste… suspiciously cheesy.

With this cheese sauce, the color and texture is made perfect by the cooked veggies, but the flavor is definitely hinged on the use of Nutritional Yeast, so pick some up, if you don’t got some already!

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