Meatless Thanksgiving Bake

I wanted to kick off this month with this particular recipe because this is the perfect dish to make as a main dish for an all plant-based family; or as a side dish that everyone can enjoy, but especially your non-meat-eating guests.

I am obsessed with winter vegetables and squash, so this year for Halloween I spent most of my day baking and puréeing whole pumpkin so that everything can taste like pumpkin for… quite a while; which is actually perfect, ’cause I am going to be making Thanksgiving-style food all month long. For this casserole, I decided to mash some of my pumpkin purée into the three-potato mash, and it turned out fantastic.

I’ve made a few different single-dish vegan casseroles for Thanksgiving, but getting that pumpkin flavor in there totally completes the holiday flavor spectrum. This recipe has all of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving food, with all the great savory flavors of pumpkin, winter veggies and stuffing, plus some sweetness brought by dried cranberries and cookin’ the green beans in maple syrup– seriously, this is all the good parts of Thanksgiving in a bowl… minus the turkey, of course.

This recipe took me about two hours to make from start-to-finish, which isn’t a very long time for a Thanksgiving main dish, but would definitely seem like a while if you wanna make it as a side. However, since most of these elements are versions of things you might be making on Thanksgiving Day anyways, making this dish would hardly take extra time at all! Especially considering how thankful your vegan guests will be to you this year!

I’ve got the recipe on the next page, so check it out and make it this year for Thanksgiving… or immediately.

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