Vegan Fried Ravioli with ‘Feta’ & Pesto

There are few foods that I love more than ravioli and pasta… I mean, who doesn’t? These ravioli are rich and creamy just like they should be– and, of course, they are also vegan!

I hadn’t gotten the chance to try out Violife’s 100% Vegan ‘Just like Feta’ Block until recently, but I’ve quickly become obsessed with it. While, personally, I think it tastes more like goat cheese than feta, that is not a complaint! In these ravioli, I use a bit of Cinnamon in the filling, as well as make a special creamy pesto with Rosemary, so the sweetness in this plant-based cheese comes out just spectacular.

This recipe yields the perfect amount of pasta for a very impressive dinner for two,
and it is an absolutely perfect dinner for an at-home date night!

These ravioli are the perfect semi-difficult dinner to make for a date or special night for two; especially because a few elements are from-scratch, such as the filling and the pesto, but the actually time-consuming elements like the plant-based cheese and wraps are just simple cheats.

For these ravioli I used Gyoza Wrappers as the ‘pasta’, which saved me an hour or two of pasta-making; plus, using the Violife saved me a whole night of soaking cashews (or whatever.) You know, I’m not even sure I could actually make a cheese as good as theirs, actually!

The other major bonus of this recipe is that all of the prep can easily be done earlier in the day – or even the day before – and then saved in the refrigerator to just fry when ready! Not to mention that these fry up in just about half-an-hour, so it can be a very quick dinner to make if you save yourself the time!

The insides of these ravioli are super sweet and creamy, so it only makes sense to make the pesto especially creamy, too.

I use Almonds and Rosemary in this pesto – as opposed to Walnuts and Basil – to make it much sweeter and lighter in flavor, which pairs great with these ravioli. Also, the ravioli filling includes a bit of Rosemary as well, so the flavors end up being the perfect match.

Are you ready to impress your vegan crush, or enjoy a romantic meatless Monday night? Or show your vegan self some love?

I’ve got the recipe on the next page!

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