“Cheezeburger” Biscuit Bombs

I might be a bit obsessed with biscuit bombs lately, but for good reason! They are easy and cheap to make, can be frozen and made in bulk, and are definitely picky-eater approved. Plant-based cheddar oozing out of homemade warm biscuits is enough to get anyone excited, but throw in some Beyond grounds, and you’ve got a whole new way to think about “veggie burgers.”

I know that every non-lifelong vegan in the world has food they crave that they can’t have anymore– but I can’t be the only one who’s main craving is greasy-spoon diner burgers, right? Well now you can make these cheezeburger biscuit bombs and be the envy of even your most carnivorous friends.

Seriously, though.

These biscuit bombs use Beyond Meat and Violife Just Like Epic Mature Cheddar (which if you haven’t tried Violife before, please do because it is truly fantastic) which is more pre-made stuff than I usually like to base my dishes in, but honestly using those ingredients make these biscuit bombs not only suspiciously vegan, but also suspiciously easy and quick to make.

Not to mention that while this recipe yields only four bombs, it also only uses 1/2 a package of Beyond Meat, so it’s super easy to double and make extra of, and then they totally can be frozen! If you’ve got kids (or a kid-like palette, since I did literally make these for my husband for Valentine’s Day) it’s probably pretty easy to imagine how handy and awesome it is to have these bad boys pre-made to quickly heat up for lunch or a snack later in the week.

Yes, this is all plant-based. Makes being vegan a little bit easier, right?

I’ve got the recipe for these cheezeburger biscuit bombs on the next page!

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