Vegan Buffalo Cheddar Biscuit Bomb

A biscuit bomb is one of my all-time favorite at-home junk foods! I’ve filled these guys with mac ‘n’ cheese before (vegan, of course!) but filling them with my signature buffalo cauliflower wings, onion and plant-based cheese was truly inspired. It gives me all the same nostalgic pleasure of eating a Hot Pocket, while stillContinue reading “Vegan Buffalo Cheddar Biscuit Bomb”

Creamy Vegan Tu-No-Tuna Casserole

I know it’s been a quick minute since I’ve posted, but as a celebration for the creation of (super official domain name over here!) This recipe shows how veganism doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop eating all the foods you love– it just means you gotta make it with different ingredients! On thatContinue reading “Creamy Vegan Tu-No-Tuna Casserole”

Quick & Easy (Vegan!) Better-than-Meatloaf

Sometimes when I want a taste of true comfort, nothing will do but a simple baked meatloaf. This no-meat-loaf only takes twenty minutes to prepare, uses just a few simple and common ingredients, and can be ready within an hour. Plus, it’s a one-dish recipe! This vegan meatloaf is perfect for when there’s not muchContinue reading “Quick & Easy (Vegan!) Better-than-Meatloaf”

Spicy Vegan Home-style Baked Mac & Cheese

Baked Macaroni & Cheese has always been a staple of American comfort food, but throw in a little jalapeƱo and chili powder and suddenly it’s a gourmet, complex & delicious way to get a little comfort as a grown-up. But, don’t be fooled– this recipe is still totally plant-based & cruelty-free, for some serious guilt-freeContinue reading “Spicy Vegan Home-style Baked Mac & Cheese”