Spicy Vegan Home-style Baked Mac & Cheese

Baked Macaroni & Cheese has always been a staple of American comfort food, but throw in a little jalapeƱo and chili powder and suddenly it’s a gourmet, complex & delicious way to get a little comfort as a grown-up. But, don’t be fooled– this recipe is still totally plant-based & cruelty-free, for some serious guilt-freeContinue reading “Spicy Vegan Home-style Baked Mac & Cheese”

Perfect Vegan L.A. Fast Food Replica Chili Burger

We all crave fast food– and, let’s be honest, sometimes we crave the absolute nastiest fast food possible– and for us vegans, a lot of the time we have to just repress these cravings and simply move on with our lives, leaving these flavors and cravings to be forever repressed into our pre-vegan pasts… ButContinue reading “Perfect Vegan L.A. Fast Food Replica Chili Burger”